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African elephants sometimes use mock charges to protect their close-knit families. Elephants have little understood yet amazing abilities. These include the ability to communicate over many miles using low frequency sound waves and the

ability to recognize the bones of ancestors they have never met. Artist Julia Watkins used the painting style known as “energism” to capture the mystical powers these animals possess. Notice the circular flow of energy emanating from the powerful central chest region of the bull elephant. elephant painting. See elephant art as well as elephant artwork and a new paintings of elephants at The elephant paintings by elephant artist Julia Watkins, possibly one of the best elephant artists in the US who paints from pictures of elephants and visits the elephant sanctuary to capture elephant images. The efforts at elephant preservation is helped by famous paintings of elephants and other wildlife art. Elephant photos from elephant preserves help in the efforts at elephant rescue. The opportunities at elephant viewing are small while painting of elephants and photos of elephants can be viewed by all. Julia Watkins's metaphysical art, known as energism is an emerging form of fine art seen recently on the website