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About us and our contemporary art..


Beautiful Works ... Intriguing Artists

Platris Fine Art offers superior quality original oil paintings and prints by emerging contemporary artists. We choose artwork based on quality, trend-setting potential and message. The artwork must be of the highest quality and demonstrate mastery of the art. Each collection represents a new unique style of art which we believe will be a trendsetter for future artists and possibly art movements. This is the art other artists try to copy. Finally, we focus on art which portrays joy and beauty, color and light instead of the negative. Still, as part of the balance found in all things, our colorful art will often have hints of our introspective and sensual sides.

Our artists can be described as exceptional people starting at an early age, who have obtained artistic mastery through traditional studies, travel and experience. These are painters and sculptors who possessed extremely uncommon raw artistic talent which they then perfected by dedicating their lives to pushing those abilities as far as they will go. Perhaps it is more than coincidence part of some larger divine plan, that our artists also have very intriguing and exotic pasts which can be seen in their highly intelligent and colorful personalities.

Artistic Influences

While our artists and their art represent a potential emerging art trend and unique style, they can be loosely be categorized as influenced by abstract art, impressionism, expressionism, contemporary and modern art, as well as Japanese and Chinese art. While you can see evidence of the old masters in almost any work of art, they are still viewed as significantly different, fresh and new.

Landscape Paintings Collections

Our art collections of contemporary landscape paintings, include abstract landscapes, impressionist landscapes, and expressionist landscapes. Our inventory of scenic landscapes (paintings and prints) from Europe includes French landscapes, Tuscan landscapes, Greek / Greece landscapes, German landscapes, flower landscapes (fields and flowers of Provence), garden landscapes, Mediterranean landscapes and mountain landscapes. Within American landscapes we have inventory of mountain landscapes, Colorado landscapes, fall landscapes, New England landscapes and ocean seaside or seascapes. We also have seaside landscapes from the North Carolina outer banks, Cape Hatteras, Emerald Isle and Okracoke. We have additional tropical landscapes and sunset landscapes from various areas.

Cityscapes City Skylines in the US

Our contemporary cityscapes and panoramic city skyline paintings usually contain architecture, street scenes and harbor scenes. Most cityscapes are painted at dusk or night, capturing vibrant city nightlife, city lights and harbor lights. Our cityscape paintings from the American East Coast include New York City (NYC or Manhattan) skylines, plus skylines of Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Charleston , Savannah, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami. Within the American Southeast our cityscape art includes Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Orlando, New Orleans and Nashville skylines. Within the central United States paintings of city skylines include Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City and Dallas. Our paintings of Western U.S. cityscapes include Denver, Santa Fe, Tucson, Reno and Las Vegas. The paintings of West Coast and Pacific city skylines include Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Honolulu.

Cityscapes City Skylines, International Cities

Internationally, we have cityscapes from Europe and Asia. Paintings of European city skylines include Paris, London, Florence, Rome, Madrid and Athens (Parthenon and Acropolis), Moscow, and Berlin. Asian and pacific cityscapes include paintings of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Bancock, and Sydney. We also have paintings of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Cairo and Cape Town.